He is passionate about healthy lifestyle choices, essential oils, mindfulness, and technology. His main goal is to bridge these apparently unrelated fields. He is often travelling around the world leading workshops on using technology and social media for learning, creating strong connections and communities, and attracting your tribe!


"(Anglicky): Social Media and the Law of Attraction"

Social Media is here to stay, with the good and the bad! The question is - do we know how to thoughtfully use Social Media? Can we actually use it to spread positive messages? Reach those that need to hear our message? In my eyes, the short answer is YES - Social Media is the closest thing to the Law of Attraction transposed in action with the help of technology!


"(Anglicky): 5 easy steps to help you use Social Media in a thoughtful way"

Are you active on social media, promoting your business/projects/causes? Are you aware of the social media algorithms? Let's break them down and understand how to create stronger connections online and attract our own tribe. By the end of this session you will have a list of 5 actionable steps you can take to help you spread your message online.